brightup - truly smart lights

Can you imagine a life without light? In our daily lives, light plays an irreplaceable role. Lights can be used to set the perfect mood and the right atmosphere. Lights are coziness, romance, security, efficiency and much more.

The question is: Are you enjoying the full potential of your lights at home?

With brightup you can personalize your lights and achieve the perfect light quality to enjoy your activities at home.

Let us show you what the brightup light automation solution can do for you!

The brightup system is the perfect combination of hardware and software. The brightup light automation solution is made up of a central unit, smart plugs and the software that connects your smartphone to the system.

brightup empowers you with full control of your lights, regardless of where you are. In your house, you are the boss!

brightup components

We created the devices you need to brightup your home and the platform to control them. Check them out in the System & Components section.

Got a new lamp? Don't forget to get a brightup star and add it to the system. brightup is flexible and allows you to add as many stars as you wish.

  • brightup sun: the central unit that communicates wirelessly with all devices in the house. It is the logical and secure controller of the brightup system
  • brightup star: a plug that is inserted between any lamp or electrical device and the power socket. They can turn your lights on and off, dim them and also measure their energy consumption.
  • brightup app: our app is intuitive and easy to use, and is also free of charge! So go ahead and take control of your lights with your smartphone.

In 3 simple steps

With brightup we are all experts in smart homes. Our plug and play light automation solution can be installed in three simple steps – no need for an electrician to do modifications in your home. Just plug it in and relax.

Do it yourself!

  1. Plug in the brightup sun and connect it to your router
  2. Plug in the brightup stars between your lamps and sockets
  3. Download the brightup app and activate the light scenarios you wish

And voilá! You have a smart home! Enjoy the luxury and comfort of a brightup home.

Enjoy a bright home

Welcome Home!

At your doorstep your home greets you with a warm and soft illumination, making you feel accompanied and safe.

Never again enter a dark home.

Good bye!

The brightup solution makes sure that all lights turn off automatically as soon as the last person leaves home. It is like having your own butler at home that helps you save energy and time at once.

Have a safe trip!

Security first.

Whenever it is dark outside and nobody is home, brightup can automatically switch lights on and off in a random pattern. While you are out, this light scenario keeps your home secure from intruders.

A bright vision

We at brightup imagine a future in which the way we live and interact with our homes changes fundamentally. We believe that living will change and we want to shape this change with better technology.

brightup is a home automation company based in Hamburg, Germany that provides an intuitive plug and play solution for wireless home light automation.

By focusing all efforts on customer experience, brightup provides a light automation system that is easy to install and convenient to use.

Find out more about the Team and the Story behind brightup. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact us directly.

Have a bright day!